10 Things Worth Paying More For

These days, most people are looking for bargains. But, says personal finance blogger Len Penzo, a bargain may depend on your definition. A lower-than-usual price on an item you use regularly might certainly be a bargain. A cheaper ‘knock-off’ of that same item may not be – especially if it wears out more quickly.

For those for whom the bottom line is almost always about price, here are Penzo’s recommendations regarding things that are worth paying more for:

• Bed sheets – Considering that we spend about a third of our lives in bed, you’ll be more comfy with soft, breathable cotton sheets than with cheaper, rougher synthetics.
• Non-stop flights – They’re not always easy to find, but they may be worth paying more for to arrive fresher and more relaxed at the end of a long journey.
• Coffee – for brewing at home, a good brand generally taste better than a store brand or even some well-known brands. If you find one you like, stick to it.
• Carpet padding – a thicker carpet pad will not only provide more comfort, but can extend the life of your carpet.
• Toilet paper – There are plenty of cheap brands, but the expensive brands get the job done better, so you may be using less of it in the long run.
• Shoes – a good, comfortable pair of shoes will likelier avoid blisters and sore feet and outlast a cheaper pair.
• Clothing – Cheaper clothes are okay for kids, who outgrow them soon enough. For adults, a few, good quality pieces will endure the tests of time and changing fashions far better than cheaper wannabes.
• Tools – Good quality tools, especially those with a lifetime guarantee of repair or replacement, will likely last as lifetime without needing repair or replacement.
• Internet service – It’s worth paying more for blazing fast connection, which you often do not get from a bargain service – but you may need to check them out to see the difference.
• A nice neighborhood – Especially if you are raising a family, it may be worth giving up some square footage or other amenities in order to live in a better neighborhood.

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