10 Tips to Maximize Your Living Space

Whether you live in a big place or small, clutter can make things cramped and uncomfortable. Clutter can make a big room feel small and a small room feel down right tiny. Here are some tips the can minimize the mess and bring a newfound openness to your living space.


  1. Use an ottoman or chest with storage space as a coffee table. Not only does it look good and add functionality, the added storage will come in handy.
  2. Get rid of the shadows. Add additional lighting to dark corners of the room. A bright room gives the perception of added space.
  3. Utilize window space for additional shelving. If you have deep-set windows, take advantage of them. Adding a glass shelf across the window can add a unique design element to your room, and it also provides additional space. Another option is to add a low bookcase underneath the window.
  4. Add shelving above doorways. Not only is this a nice way to spruce up a room, it also provides functionality to an otherwise unused part of your room. It’s all about maximizing the space you have.
  5. Add a long bookcase along the backside of a sofa. If your sofa sits out in the middle of the room away from the wall, this is a terrific way to add additional storage in a subtle way, and it also provides a convenient place to set your glass of wine.
  6. Add a wall-mounted table or desk. This is an excellent option for smaller living spaces. Perhaps your apartment isn’t conducive for a dining room table or an office desk. There are wall-mounted table tops that fold up and lock into place when you need to use it, and drops down when you don’t-taking up almost no space at all.
  7. Get creative with your end tables. A simple wicker basket is a nice option because it provides an unsuspecting place to store blanket or pillows.
  8. Don’t forget the corners. The corners of rooms get neglected far too often. Use them to your benefit. Corners are a perfect place for additional shelving.
  9. Window seating. Back to the windows again. For additional seating, a window seat with a lid is a nice option. Not only does it provide one more place to sit, it also adds additional storage space.
  10. Maximize your closet space. Tired of your shoes eating up your precious closet space? You’re not alone. One nice idea is to line your closet walls with an attractive slatwall paneling. There are all sorts of hooks, baskets and accessories depending on what you need. It’s a great way to store additional shoes, belts, ties, scarfs, and clothing. Maximize that space!


This slatwall system is an attractive option that comes in white or gray. Also, here’s a nice option for a wall-mounted table or desk if that sounds like that is an option you are interested in. Good luck, have fun, and be creative!

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