Add a Splash of Color With Rugs

Outdoor rooms are about to get a boost of color as we move outside to enjoy the summer season. Now is the time to get your outside rooms in order, and a great time to add some color.

With flower gardens waking up, take some clues from nature and make your outdoor space as inviting as the inside. Rugs will tie a room together whether inside or outside; and there are a myriad of styles, colors and materials for rugs.

Garden centers and big box stores along with discount stores will have a good supply of rugs for both indoors and outdoors. Sometimes it is a good idea to ignore the labels on rugs; just because it says it is an “outdoor” rug, does not mean you cannot use it inside. There are some very colorful outdoor rugs that would be perfect for kids spaces, using playful shapes and color combinations.

Even the natural woven grasses are woven into interesting shapes, giving you geometric shapes and designs that won’t excite more colorful rooms, but will give you something textural underfoot. Consider these rugs for kids spaces too. While they may not be as soft under knees, they are durable and kids are rarely static and may not care about the bumpy feel. There are plenty of synthetic indoor/outdoor rugs in fantastic, bright colors for kids spaces; and they will be softer under foot and knees.

For more grown-up outdoor spaces you will find plenty to choose from in both color and texture. If you are a bit afraid of color inside, why not try some color expression outside where you have nature to assist with the backdrop? Outdoor furniture with plain cushions seem to cry out for some color and pattern in the form of pillows and rugs. If your cushions have a pattern, go with a plain pillow and a bordered patterned rug. Keep your colors bold as the outdoor light is so much stronger than inside light; so you can afford to experiment with color.

Rugs will help define a conversation area or dining area or even a play area for the younger set. You can mix and match keeping your colors constant, which will help keep the spaces feeling comfortable. Also, keep to a maximum of three strong color choices and adjust patterns and stripes to suit your tastes.

Most of all, you need have a little fun with your choices, since they are less permanent than your indoor furnishings.

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