Add Value to Your House – Interior Remodelling

Interior remodeling can have an amazing impact on the look and value of a house. I would definitely recommend getting professionals to do the job for you unless your good at renovation yourself. Here is some advice on how the get the most bang for your buck when remodeling.

Replace the carpets:

One of the best things you can do for your house to improve the feel and value is to replace a dirty and distraught carpet. If there are stains, big chunks missing, and color fading a new carpet is what you need. Again, if the carpet is matched to the theme and style of the room it will look very impressive.


In some cases you should rip out your carpet and put in tiles. Generally these are recommended for the kitchen and bathroom. You’ll have a range of options of textures and color when tiling your floor so it’s important to make sure it matches the theme and style of the room.

Install new light fixtures:

Light fixtures tell a lot about a houses age, so it’s important to have more modern looking fixtures to make the house seem newer.

Creating more space:

Sometimes if a room is too small it is not common to have larger mirrors in it. This creates the illusion of space, making the room seem bigger than it actually is. A very common example is a bathroom with one wall just a mirror.


The kitchen is one of the main features of any house and one that greatly shows the age of a property. Think about installing new appliances such as disposal units, dishwashers, sinks, and stoves. If you are really looking to get a modern look from a terrible it is recommended that you get a company to do a complete make over for you. These often come out looking very professional and although they might be expensive ($5,000-$30,000) you will generally increase the value greatly.


The bathroom should have good lighting, be free of dampness, have well placed and large mirrors, and respectability modern and fitting chattels. Again consider letting a company do this because if done correctly can a bathroom can have the highest rate of return for any room in a house.

The great front door:

The front door will have a big impact on the buyer or appraiser when they are at your doorstep, so its important for the front door to be in great condition. Either oil it and repaint it or replace it if it’s in horrible condition.

Put in new curtains:

Curtains are used to create privacy and warmth by being insulators. Some great reasons to replace your curtains are if they are faded, torn, out of fashion. If matched with the color and theme of the room new curtains can do wonders for the feel and value of the house.


Similar to enlarging windows, sky lights will bring a lot of light and fresh air into a room. These are especially good for poorly lit rooms with bad air circulation.

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