Are Dandelions Affecting Your Lawn?

Dandelions, which are actually a perennial weed, are a major problem for many homeowners across the country. As the grass becomes greener in the spring and summer, the vibrant yellow of a dandelion is not typically a good thing. Although dandelions have many great alternative uses, they remain a pest to lawns and landscapes across the country. Thankfully there are ways to control the spread of dandelions which is good news especially for those who rely on the grass to be green and weed free.

Alternative uses to dandelions

Since every species has a benefit in the natural world, it is important to understand the more positive uses of dandelions. The dandelion, also known as lion’s tooth, was introduced first in Europe as a medicinal plant for its high vitamin and mineral content. Different parts of the dandelion, including the leaves and root, have been used for many years to make healing teas, beer and wine, and even to add flavor to salads. Even despite their pesky nature, there are benefits to dandelions (although not when they are taking over your grass).

Control of dandelions

It is very hard to control dandelions because their seeds can travel with the wind for miles. So even if your yard is free of them right now, a good wisp of the wind could land a seed right where you don’t want it. There are still some ways in which you can control existing dandelion infestations:


  • If there are just a few dandelions sprouting up on your lawn you can go ahead and weed them out manually. The important thing here is that you get the entire root dug up. Removing just the flower will not remove the problem.
  • Do not let the yellow flowers turn into the puffy seeds. At the very least, pull the flower head off so that you do not risk spreading more seeds across to your neighbor’s lawn.
  • Mow your lawn regularly so that you are sure to knock off the heads of any flowers. But try to keep the setting on the lawn mower a little higher, if the grass stays taller it will block sunlight, which in turn blocks the growth of dandelions to begin with.
  • Corn gluten can be spread across your lawn to help prevent the growth of new dandelions. This is an all-natural method and will not disturb your pets and kids playing in the grass. But this treatment needs to be applied each month and it will not kill the existing dandelions.


For anyone who is not finding the control methods working, or if you simply don’t have the time or energy to waste on dandelions, contact your local lawn care company.

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