Are you Buying a Home–Don’t Say This!

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or you’ve done this before, you should probably know what to say before meeting with a real estate agent. However, it’s also important to know which topics or subjects to avoid. In the process of buying a home, sometimes things are just better left unsaid. Topics to avoid when buying a home can be narrowed to two main areas:

Your Approval Status

When it comes to approval status it’s best not to let agents know if you haven’t yet been approved to buy a home. You become more of a risk for agents and they are likely to take offers from those who have been pre-approved. If you are still in the approval process, keep quiet and start your search.

If you have been pre-approved, try not to disclose the exact amount. If you disclose this information, but make an offer for less, you could be looking at a counter offer that matches your approval amount. Keeping your number to yourself will allow you the freedom to negotiate and hopefully save you some money.

Your “In Love” Status

Of course you need to let your agent know what you do and don’t like. When you come to a house you are in love with, though, you need to keep your enthusiasm to a minimum. This will hurt your chances of negotiating a good deal. If you let everyone know you will pretty much do whatever it takes to get that home–the seller will take advantage of that. Fixating on a particular home can also hurt your ability to look for better deals that might even help you find a more perfect home to fit your needs.

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