Avoid Costly Legal Mistakes When Buying a House

Real estate purchases are complex and tricky without the assistance of an experienced agent.  Too many buyers believe that the seller will volunteer all pertinent information as the process proceeds.  This is a dangerous approach to any real estate transaction.  Avoid costly legal mistakes such as these when you contact Cary Amo to be on your team:

1. Weak purchase offer – Many non-monetary elements are included in the best possible offer to the seller.

2. Failed deal – Real estate sellers have the right to choose the strongest offer, which might cause others to fall through.

3. Lack of confidentiality agreement – Sellers can discuss other offers if each buyer does not secure agreement to withhold offer details.

4. Timing of legally binding contract – Buyers must beware of the series of steps that should be taken in the right order.

5. Skipping the title search – A clear title must be verified well in advance of closing day.

6. Naïve about contract provisions – Cary Amo will explain every detail of the contract.

7. Ignoring seller’s disclosures – Buyers are wise to require full disclosure of the property’s condition.

8. Failure to hire an inspector – Special care is required to investigate the property from the buyer’s perspective.

9. Unaware of ownership ramifications – All costs associated with owning a home must be understood in advance.

10. Mishandling of property defect claim – Expertise is required to handle all issues concerning defects quickly and completely.

Contact Cary Amo, today, for guidance through the home buying process.  Throughout Contra Costa County and in Lafayette, people have been trusting Cary Amo for years.

Protect your investment and enlist the best expert available!

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