Building Or Remodeling Your Home: Make Sure You Know The Differences

You’re in the mood to get involved with real estate, whether that means remodeling an existing home or building a new custom home. Yet, you should know the building and remodeling differences that can put your project into danger, costing you time, money and in some circumstances legal action if you are not careful with what you do.

Building Differences

When it comes to building a home, you must tread carefully on how it is done. All zoning, planning, permits and inspections must be obtained to ensure the project is done right without having to tear things down and start all over again. For this to be a seamless process, you must get your contractor, architect, and workers on the same building page so that the construction of your home does not become hampered. If people begin to butt heads, put your foot down and take charge. Remember, this is your home and you will be living in it. You want it built to your specifications.

Also be careful if you are building in a community. Neighbors may be allowed to give their input in regards to the look of the home or you have to follow specific guidelines in the construction of it. Always check with local homeowner’s associations so no feathers become ruffled because you didn’t follow the rules.

Remodeling Differences

Remodeling is a different type of project beast you must conquer. Because you are changing only certain aspects of your pre-existing home, you must follow a whole different set of rules. Some projects will require permits, others won’t as you will be limited on the changes to the house to prevent damaging the structure.

You will also run into professionals who do not have the right credentials more often when you are remodeling a home versus building one from the foundation up. Stay away from the amateurs, basically the handyman who is the Jack of all trades, and stick with the professionals to complete the remodeling process. Get as many bids as you can and choose the best one that fits into your budget but will also give you the high quality work you need.

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