Why Buyers Choose Their Homes

This Is Why Buyers Buy

When trying to sell your home, you do a lot to make it appeal to potential buyers. From improving your curb appeal to staging the interior, you are doing what you can to make sure every buyer who walks to your door falls in love. Ultimately, though, there are three reasons why buyers buy. Here is a quick look at them so you can best position your home to sell.

  • Price: Of course, the number one thing that buyers will consider is the price. If your home is outside of their price range, a buyer is likely not going to even entertain the idea of it. Even if they fell in love with it, they will not be able to get a loan for it. To avoid this issue, make sure that you work with your real estate agent to competitively price your home for your market.
  • Condition: It might seem like a hassle to do maintenance on a home you plan to leave, but sometimes it can make the difference between a quick sale and lingering on the market. Fix any broken appliances, replace carpet and wallpaper as needed, and take care of other to-dos to get your home in the best possible condition.
  • Location: Location is key in real estate. Do what you can to let buyers know about the pros of your location (e.g. proximity to schools and restaurants) and cover over the cons (e.g. landscaping or fences to block out an eyesore).

You should not have to figure out the mind of your potential buyers without an expert on your side. To ensure your home will be the one they pick, contact Cary Amo. Serving Lafayette and all of Contra Costa County, I know how to best position your home to close the sale. Call me today!

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