Choose the Right Paint For Your Remodeling Project

When you decide to remodel one or more rooms in your home, you make a commitment to change the way you present your house to family and visitors. More than that, you invest in your property – you work to beautify your living space and even raise the value of your home. Even if you have no plans to sell in the immediate future, remodeling a bedroom, bathroom, or the living room can help create a sense of pride in ownership. You get to come back every day after work to space that is inviting and cozy. For these renovated rooms, though, it’s important to use the right paint.

Color helps set a mood and creates an atmosphere within your living space. When you get ready to paint a room in your home you need to pick the right color the first time, because this isn’t something one can do frequently. Naturally the color you choose for a particular room should work seamlessly with your furniture and other decor, as well as match the overall theme of your house. As you think about possible colors for your walls, bring pictures of the room’s furniture and carpet to place against swatches of paint samples. This will help you narrow down your choices.

Light colors in a room help promote serenity and calm, whereas cooler colors like medium to dark blues and greens can give the impression of a large space. If you want to use more than one color in a room, make sure the colors complement each other. Ask a clerk where you buy paints for a color wheel to see how colors match up.

As for the type of paint that is best for interior remodeling, there are two styles that are used most – oil and latex. Oil-based paints are used mainly for priming wood surfaces, while latex paints tend to be more common in home improvement. Latex paints hold color well and last are less likely to chip and peel.

Depending on the room you will paint, you will also consider the sheen. Interior paints come in different sheens, from high-gloss to semi-gloss, to matte paints that seem to have a textured feel when they are dry. If painting a bathroom, for example, you want a sheen that will not spot or stain easily. Higher gloss paints would work well, whereas in a bedroom where you don’t want too much shine you can select a satin finish.

Whatever paint you choose for your remodeled rooms, be sure that the walls are completely dry before taking up drop cloths and replacing furniture. Enjoy the new look of your home and let the vibrant new colors of your rooms create a sense of home.

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