Cramped Home: Signs you have outgrown your home

Cary Amo understands that it is a natural process to outgrow your home. As children grow up they, require more space. As you settle into life, you require more space for all of the things that you love. Hobbies, daily life, and other routines need space to grow. If your home is feeling cramped, then consider upgrading to a large home. Now is a great time for home buyers.

Here are five areas of your home that often show symptoms a cramped house.

  • Closet Space: When closet space is still a premium commodity even after you have purged unwanted items to charity.
  • Kitchen Space: When entertaining guests becomes more of a burden than a joy. A larger kitchen and a yard with a functional dining area can make a huge difference.
  • Bathrooms: When your bathroom no longer fits your needs. A bigger bathroom with spa features and extra space can give you a whole new outlook on life.
  • Storage Space: When your garage becomes your storage unit instead of the place where you park your vehicles, then it is time to think about a larger home.
  • Extra Rooms: When you want designated space for hobbies, a home office, and family space.

Cary Amo has been serving Lafayette, and the Contra Costa County real estate market for over 20 years. Now is a great time to upgrade to a larger home. If any of these signs and symptoms of a cramped house represents your living conditions, then contact Cary Amo today.

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