Tips To Boost Your Curb Appeal

Improving Your Curb Appeal

We all know that first impressions matter. The same is true in real estate, and that is why “curb appeal” is something of a buzzword for people trying to sell their homes. What, exactly, is curb appeal? It is taking advantage of the first minutes your buyers spend on your property, ensuring that they fall in love with your home right away. Here are a few ways to improve your curb appeal.

  • Do Something: You do not have to completely re-landscape your home to get it ready for buyers, but you should put in at least a little effort. A shocking number of sellers do not do anything to amp up their curb appeal, leaving their first impression lackluster.
  • Bust Clutter: Even if a yard strewn with toys and furniture is normally par for the course, it should not be when you are trying to sell. Do everything you can to keep your yard cleaned up when your home is on the market; you never know when a buyer will drive by to check out the property!
  • Landscape: Could your hedges use a little love? Do your flowers need some dead-heading? Take the time to give your yard some TLC. Planting colorful flowers, tidying up your landscaping, and cleaning off walkways and porches will go a long way.
  • Touch Up: Do you have paint peeling off your home or your front door? Now is the perfect time to get some touch up paint and remedy the situation.

Fortunately, you do not have to do it alone when trying to amp up your curb appeal. To talk to an expert about how to get your home ready to wow buyers, contact realtor Cary Amo. Serving Lafayette and the surrounding California area, I am here to help you make a powerful first impression on every potential buyer.

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