Design Trends for 2013

design trends

Design trends for 2013 will reveal a comeback of neutral colors. The color yellow will also be popular. Shades of yellow will vary from pale to bright. You will also see a lot more patterns in home design than previously. While in the past several years many people decorated with solid colors, especially when it came to furniture, patterns will be making a long overdue reappearance. A white background will be the focus. You will not only see this trend with furniture over the next upcoming year, but also on walls. Stripes and squares, as well as other patterns that usually tend to clash with each other will be prominent.

Not only will the look of the design be important, but the feeling will as well. Touch stimulates our senses and design trends will focus on that aspect of home design. All things made out of yarn will be reappearing after being considered dowdy in the past. If you can knit or crochet start getting creative and you can put it in your home design plans. In fact, you will see many handmade pieces of design in homes. The natural, unfinished look will prevail in the year 2013 in design.

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