Double Sink Bathroom Vanities – No More Fighting Over The Sink

Planning to get married soon? Wondering what it will be like sharing your bathroom with your new spouse? If you’re concerned about keeping your own space, you may want to consider getting double sink bathroom vanities for your washroom.

Who Needs A Double Sink?

Since you will have to use the bathroom every day, why not consider getting really good quality modern double bathroom vanities so that each of you could have your own space when using the sink? If you’re the impatient type, waiting for your spouse to be done brushing his or get teeth could drive you nuts. Even more so if he likes to spend a long time shaving or she likes to take ages putting on her face mask, cream or even combing her hair. So to keep the peace and that each of you have your own sink to use, just get a double sink!

Beautifully Handcrafted

Sprucing your bathroom and making it look good can have a positive effect on you when you wake up in the morning to clean yourself up. There’s quite a range of beautifully handcrafted double sink bathroom vanities to choose from. These could range from different styles like modern, contemporary or classic depending on your taste which you will both need to agree on. Some are handcrafted from stone or wood. You could also choose what type of finishing you prefer. For some couples, they may prefer their bathroom vanities to have a wood theme. It also depends on how you furnish your home as you certainly don’t want to have a completely different design taste when it comes to your bathroom vanities.

Separate Closets And Mirrors?

While most couples are happy with the fact that they have their own sink to use, the more pickier ones will want to make sure that they have their own mirror and closet as well. So again, please talk it among between the two of you on which option you prefer. Some modern double bathroom vanities come with different closets or integrated ones. And for mirrors, you may also want to choose the shape and size that you are most comfortable with. The idea is that both of you are happy with your choice.


At the end of the day, you and your spouse should be happy with your pick. You may choose to accessorize your bathroom with more items once you have determined which type of design and style of modern double bathroom vanities that you choose to get. Happy shopping!

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