Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home

The smell of a brand new home can be wonderful and intoxicating. Then after a while, you start looking around and noticing just how incredibly bare your walls look, or how basic your overall design is. Something in you says, “Let’s spice this up!” Even if you are on a tight budget, you can do some very simple crafts to put some splashes of color and design in your new house. If you have never done any do-it-yourself projects, do not worry. The following ideas are all easy to do, even for a beginner.

A very simple and easy way to display a few photos is with a few stone photo displays. Find some stones that are mostly flat. They can be kind of chunky, as long as they can sit steady on a table. Wrap just the end of a piece of floral craft wire around the stone, and wrap the wire around itself a few times at the top of the stone to keep it secure. Then stretch the rest of the wire upward, and twist the top inch into a flat spiral. A good starting point when choosing the length of the craft wire is approximately 18 inches. However, if you want them to sit higher, test it out and see if the picture will stay up.

If, for some reason, you have scraps of wallpaper lying around (but let’s be honest, who uses wallpaper anymore?), put them to good use! Put the pieces into frames and hang them on the wall, grouping pieces that are similar in style. You can do the same with brightly colored pieces of decorative paper, like scrapbook paper that you can buy at hobby stores.

Putting together a shadow-box frame of family heirlooms can be a wonderful way to honor your family history. Find old coins, photos, letters, and maybe even dig up an old map or two. Preserve your old photos and documents by scanning them and printing them on archival paper. That way, you will have them in good condition when you put them into the shadow-box. Try adding ribbons and other memorabilia to add splashes of color among all the writings and black and white pictures.

Doing something as simple as putting a vase of fresh flowers on a table can take a room from drab to bright in one step. Try adding a colorful ribbon around the vase to give it a new look.

If your desk is completely cluttered, start saving tin cans from canned food so you can use them as organizational cans. Try using different sizes to give your desk an artsy look. Be sure you wash and dry the cans well. Consider buying a can opener that does not leave sharp edges to make your organizational cans safe to use. Cover the cans in colorful paper with fun patterns and use a spray-mount adhesive to make them stick.

If you do not own a home yet but are just looking up fun ideas for décor, be sure you look for several home insurance quotes before buying a home.

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