Winterize Your Home

Prepare Your Home for Cooler Months Ahead

Now that autumn is in full swing, homeowners should start preparing for the upcoming winter months. Winter can bring rain, strong winds, storms, and temperatures that plummet below freezing.

It’s always a good idea to fix up some home repairs before the winter so that you don’t need to brace the storm to fix the gutter. Put some preventative maintenance work at the top of your To Do list while it’s still nice outside.

  • Clean out the gutters! Leaves and debris can block and break the drainage systems.
  • Inspect your roof. Storms, rain, hail, and wind can give your roof a beating, so check for leaks and damage beforehand.
  • Touch up the exterior paint. Protect your siding in the winter and give your home curb appeal!
  • Show the lawn some love. Spend a weekend raking the leaves, aerating the soil, and fertilizing the grass, trees, and shrubs to see your lawn through until spring.
  • Test your outdoor lights. Not only do you want to slip and fall on ice in winter, but you don’t want the medical bills that come along with it. Check your outdoor bulbs and add lighting to walkways if needed.
  • Tune your heating system. When the cooler weather kicks in, you will want your heating system to work flawlessly. Whether you have a broiler, water heater, or furnace, make sure it’s in top condition. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, hire a professional to inspect it.
  • Clean the chimney. Though your chimney sweep may not be Dick Van Dyke, be sure to hire a professional to clean the fireplace and chimney before lighting the fire. There will be soot, burnt wood, and creosote in the chimney which needs to be cleaned to prevent house fires.

Keep your home in tip-top condition (and more importantly, safe!) during the winter months. When preparing your home to sell or looking for a home to buy in Lafayette, California and surrounding areas, contact Cary Amo, a professional Realtor with local experience.

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