Four Reasons to Add a Room to Your Home

Is the family getting bigger, or is your home shrinking? As you welcome new additions to your family, you will find that the house you and your spouse bought is becoming less equipped to handle your needs. Perhaps the rooms are too small, or there aren’t enough to accommodate everybody who lives there. You are then faced with the option of selling and buying a bigger place, or adding on. These days, homeowners are turning more to the second choice for a variety of reasons, and it’s one you may wish to consider if you’re feeling cramped at home.

Is it better to consider adding a room to your existing house rather than search for a new one altogether? There are a number of reasons why homeowners are doing just that, and if you’re looking for reasons to do it yourself here are a few to keep in mind:

1) It’s not as expensive as you might think. Contractors may generally charge you a hundred dollars per square foot of room. So if you are interested in expanding a room you could be looking at a few thousand dollars’ worth of work, while a full 10′ x 10′ space will cost around ten thousand. In the long run, however, these improvements could be seen as more cost-effective than the expense involved in selling a home and buying another.

2) Room additions can add value. If you do decide to sell one day, that extra space could come in handy as a selling point. Many people like the idea of an extra room that doesn’t have to be used as a bedroom – like a library or office.

3) Room additions give you space to breathe. Naturally the idea of an addition is to give you room to place furniture, clothing, and other items, but you’ll find the process may also help de-clutter your mind. With more space to move around, you’ll feel less suffocated inside and may become more enthusiastic about decorating your home.

4) Room additions are versatile. If you have the proper permits, you can pretty much add anything on to your home – an all-purpose room or bedroom, a spa bathroom or play area. For older teenagers or adults living at home, a second door installed can permit for private entry.

Before you think about selling, take into account the possibilities of adding on to your present house. You may find it more economical and practical.

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