Four Reasons to Renovate Your Patio

When you come home after a long day at work, what is the first thing you want to do? More than likely, you’re thinking about dinner and making sure the kids have done their homework. There may be odd jobs around the house that need to be completed, but surely foremost in your mind is relaxing. Even if you log in eight hours at a desk every day, the idea of putting up your feet in your favorite recliner sounds inviting. Having the time to spend on your back patio with its marvelous view of your yard – or maybe the ocean or mountains – can enhance your relaxation, especially if you have the proper environment.

If you have noticed your patio lacks a certain style and quality, you may be less inclined to take advantage of the space. An open space leaves you at a disadvantage during colder months, even with a fire pit to help combat the shivers. You may wish to give your semi-outdoor space a bit of a makeover to encourage frequent use. If you’re still on the fence about a renovation, though, here are five reasons to consider remodeling your patio:

1) A remodel job can help create an environmentally friendly backyard leisure space. Using “green” materials like an awning or energy efficient windows to enclose the patio can help regulate heat and light, which in turn could help you save on electricity and HVAC usage.

2) Fixing up your patio area can help raise the value of your home. If you decide to sell in the near future, having an attractive, closed-in patio makes for a tempting selling point. When properly dressed with outdoor furniture and a modest fireplace or fire pit, you present a cozy setting for a potential buyer.

3) Renovating your patio can enhance your relaxation. Repaint the walls a color that inspires the mind to become calmer, or install a wet bar close by so you don’t have to traipse in and out of the house when you want a drink. Little fixes make a big difference.

4) You may be able to write off some renovations. If you use energy efficient products for your renovation and home improvement, you could receive a tax rebate. Consult with a contractor to learn more.

If you’re looking to maximize your home relaxation, it’s time to give that plain patio a makeover. Enclose the space to make it cozy, add new furniture and kick up your feet while you enjoy a favorite beverage or listen to music. Make the space your own,the way you want to enjoy it.

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