Four Tips For Your Walk Through As A Buyer

Four Tips For Your Walk Through As A Buyer- Cary Amo

Four Tips For Your Walk Through As A Buyer- Cary AmoAs the buying process nears completion, the walk through comes up as the final chance for homebuyers to examine the property they are about to buy. Completing the task requires a few hours, but you can make the most of that time with these helpful tips.

1. Compare and Contrast

Bring along a copy of the official home inspection so you can take an extra look at anything noted in the report. You will also need to write down anything not listed on the inspection that you notice so you can bring it up before signing your contract.

2. Test Drive

If the home has power and isn’t sitting vacant, switch on the heating and cooling systems to make sure they are running properly. You can also find bad outlets by picking up a simple tester at the hardware store. Electrical issues are tested by the inspector, but months can pass between the inspection and the walk through in slow sales.

3. Included Items

Many sales now include the transfer of furniture, window treatments, and other items. Double check that anything you requested is waiting when you do your walk through. If the residents have moved out and taken the items with them, you may need to renegotiate your contract rather than just signing it at the closing.

4. Scheduling the Visit

It’s best to wait until just 24 hours before the closing to do the final check. Completing the walk too early could give the property time to change before you take possession.

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