Four Ways to Make Your Deck More Inviting

When the weather allows, a deck or patio is a fantastic place to have any kind of event. However, many people overlook the wonderful decorating opportunity that comes with an outdoor hang-out area. Adding some pizazz to your deck or patio can be done fairly easily, quickly, and inexpensively, so it’s a perfect spring project to get into the groove of outdoor chores. Doing it in spring also means you’ll be ready for those summer parties!

When planning your deck or patio décor, you’ll want to keep in mind how you want the space to function. Will you be having lots of big parties and barbeques? Small get-togethers? Maybe it’s primarily the place where you go to relax with a book and coffee. This should determine what kind and how much furniture to use and where to place it. You should also consider what you want the theme or feel of the space to be. Do you want it modern and jazzy? Warm and earthy? Somewhere in the middle? These can be achieved with both the furniture, colors and décor.

Before you Decorate

Before you start with the decorating itself, however, you’ll need to make sure that your deck or patio has received the proper care. You should clean and re-seal the wood once a year, and keep it in good repair. This is especially important in the Midwest, where the weather can be harsh. You can do these things yourself, or hire a professional.

Tips for Décor

1. Paint, whether vibrant or neutral can make your deck beautiful and distinct. Many people elect a paint scheme similar to the color of the house, but this isn’t necessary. Using the correct complementary colors, and applying it in subtle areas (such as posts and handrails), will make a unique and fun area.

2. Adding fabrics to any room will make it more welcoming, and a deck or patio is no exception. Putting curtains on the windows, and adding throw pillows and rugs will be reminiscent of a comfy sitting room, and will put your guests at ease. However, keep in mind that rain can not only ruin fabrics, but encourage mold and mildew growth. So you’ll need to either take cloth items inside during a rainstorm, or clean them frequently. Either way, it is a good idea to pick a durable and water-resistant material.

3. Adding lights is wonderful for a deck or patio, especially if you plan on having many nighttime gatherings. There are so many options for outdoor lighting: hanging lights, paper lanterns, solar lights, and much more. Peruse a hardware store or the internet, and you’ll be sure to find lighting that’s right for your deck or patio.

4. There are many ways to use furniture as decoration, many of which are inexpensive. You can repaint an old table using stencils to add your own design. You can use tree stumps for seats and tables. Look around your local hobby and craft store; they are full of unusual outdoor décor and furniture that will add your own type of charm to your deck or patio.

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