Frequently Asked Questions About Backyard Fire Pits

Do you anticipate cool weather this evening, and a cloudless sky filled with twinkling stars? It sounds like the perfect night to gather friends and family and sit out on the back deck or in the yard with a blazing fire pit. As the warmth spreads around your circle you can enjoy hours of conversation, a warm beverage, or even a toasted marshmallow or two. If you don’t have a place for a backyard fire and have considered setting up a fire pit, you want to be sure you know everything relevant to installation and that you are kept up to date on emergency procedures.

Here are some frequently asked questions about building a backyard fire shoppe or fire pit. It’s always a good idea, too, to consult with somebody at your local outdoor store who has experience in installation and safety.

1) What kind of setting do I need for my fire pit?

This will actually depend upon what sort of product you buy to contain your burning wood. When it comes to backyard recreation, you can set up anything from a simple fire ring – a wide band of metal fashioned in a loop that contains the wood and ash – to a chimenea, which is a bulbous container with two open ends – one to hold the wood and a chimney-like spout for the smoke. There are also more elaborate designs for outdoor fireplaces that may require a bit of planning to execute. When it comes to your backyard comfort, you have many options – you only need to find the right one for your yard layout.

2) What should I do in my back yard before I start a fire in the pit?

It is important to make sure the area is cleared of flammable debris. This means dry grass and tree limbs, leaves and brush. There will be smoke, so make sure you know how the wind will blow that day so you don’t end up blowing smoke into your house. If you have a fire bowl on chimenea on a wooden deck, consider setting up a pad underneath to catch stray ash. Always have a fire extinguisher nearby for emergencies.

3) What kind of wood can I burn?

Convenient they may be, you want to avoid using the specialized, pressure-treated fireplace logs. These tend to release toxic gases as they burn, and you definitely don’t want to cook over an open grill with them! Hard woods like maple, pecan, and hickory work nicely for outdoor burning – you can consult with your local outdoor store expert on woods in your area.

Once you have your fire pit set up, you can enjoy many an evening – warm or cool – before the fire with friends.

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