Gen. Y and Homebuying, Not What You’d Expect…

Home buyers are starting to change. As the buyers become younger and the focus turns to meeting the needs and wants of Generation Y, it is not surprising that the desires of the younger generation are not always easy to predict. Having an idea of what younger buyers are looking for will make it easier to reach those buyers.

Urban Living

Generation Y is turning away from the suburbs that were popular in older generations. More buyers are looking for places that are in urban locations or in locations with an urban feel.

Space for Technology

Generation Y is the technology generation. Young buyers have grown up around computers, cell phones and other technological devices. Having a small space for technological necessities or interests is more appealing to the younger generation.


A garage is another bonus for younger homebuyers. Generation Y buyers are interested in having a specified and covered space for a motor vehicle.

Generation Y is changing the way homes are sold. The needs and wants of homebuyers are changing, so selling a home must address the changing interests. To learn more about the needs and wants of generation Y buyers, contact Cary Amo.

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