Google Makes Blockbuster Deal, Leases Huge Space in Mountain View

In what is set to be Silion Valley’s biggest deal of 2013, Google has recently signed lease agreements with at least one site in Mountain View. While many companies like Apple and LinkedIn have been doing the same, this recent move by Google is likely to be the biggest deal by the company. The reason this comes as such important news not only for Google but for those wanting to work in this industry is that it is encouraging for the economy.

In fact, the 500,000 square feet of space at 100 Mayfield Ave. in Mountain View could bring 2,000 to 2,500 employees to the new facility. Job growth has continued to be a problem even as the economy becomes stronger. But with signing of the lease in Silicon Valley, Google will make sure that thousands of people are employed and likely more. This lease may not be the only signed lease this year as Google plans to continue expanding in Mountain View and beyond (including offices on the grounds of the NASA Ames Research Center), but until those are solidified, the Mayfield location is huge news.

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