Granite Vs Corian Countertops: How to Choose the Best Countertops for Your Kitchen

When it comes to selecting a design for your kitchen counter tops, the number of options can be overwhelming. Granite, quartz, Corian, laminate–each style has its own benefits and drawbacks. Two of the most popular choices for kitchen remodel projects are Corian and granite countertops, but homeowners often have a difficult time deciding which one is the best fit. Each model offers a unique combination of practical, budgetary, and aesthetic functions, so it’s up to the individual homeowner to identify the most important features right at the start.

Elegant and sleek, granite countertops are perhaps among the most popular stone countertops available. Granite is versatile and durable, offering a wide range of textures and colors. Whether you want a neutral beige tone or a bold red pattern, you’ll be able to select the granite countertop that best complements your kitchen remodeling plans. An extremely hard, resilient stone, granite will provide your kitchen with unbeatable durability and performance for a lifetime. With granite’s distinctive look, any visitor will immediately recognize the beauty and natural simplicity of your stone countertops.

Unfortunately, in order to maintain full protection and safety, your granite kitchen countertops will require additional sealant applications over the years to counteract the stone’s porous surface. And while granite countertops do add value to your home, their initial cost is usually significantly higher than that of other materials.

Meanwhile, Corian countertops are engineered to be as durable as possible while still resembling the look of natural stone. Scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, and stain-resistant, these kitchen counter tops are designed with long-lasting performance in mind. While Corian doesn’t have the distinguished look of granite and other stone countertops, it is available in hundreds of different colors and patterns, so you’ll be able to customize the look of your kitchen while you complete the renovation. Additionally, the nonporous material used to manufacture a Corian countertop means it is resistant to stains and the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold. In other words, with Corian, you get complete health and safety without having to add an extra sealant. Since Corian is a synthetic material, you’ll also be able to have your kitchen contractors help you get a countertop that fits your surface without any need for seams. However, because Corian is a man-made material, it does not have the added resale value of natural granite, though it is a much more affordable alternative.

Kitchen remodeling is already a headache-laden process, even without the difficult choice of which countertop best fits your final vision. When it comes to kitchen countertops, the decision usually boils down to practicality versus aesthetics. If you find yourself on the side of practicality and strict budgeting, then Corian countertops are probably what you’re looking for. However, if you’re more concerned with creating a distinguished look to complement your custom cabinets, then you’ll probably want to installĀ granite countertops. Still undecided? You can always consult with a team of kitchen contractors for their professional, experienced opinion.

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