Have You Got a House Crush?

According to a recent survey on Realtor.com., almost 70 percent of people admit to having a "crush" on a house. These people may have "stalked" the house by checking out online listings, driving by it, or even looking inside of the home with a realtor.

According to the survey, women were most likely to lust after outdoor spaces, the exterior beauty of a home, open, flowing floor plans, and new, expensive appliances. Men generally liked garages and outdoor living areas best. Women tended to stick with the same "house crush" for a longer period of time, while men moved on more rapidly to a new crush. Women also tended to fall in love with houses that they couldn’t afford more often than men.

If you are considering moving up to a nicer, newer home, you may want to plan for it to make sure that you don’t lose money on your current home. First, make sure that your house payment is affordable for your current income level. Second, pay down your current mortgage with extra payments. You will end up getting the money back when you sell, so this is a good place to invest your money. Third, try to stay in your current home for at least five years. If you don’t stay very long, you will end up paying more money toward interest than toward the principal of the house.

When you are ready to start looking at a new place, you should do it thoughtfully. Make a list of features that are most important to you. Prioritize the list so that you won’t be dazzled by a luxury feature while forgetting a part of the home that is important to the whole family.

Additionally, don’t forget to get pre-qualified for a loan for your new house. This will help you avoid "house heartbreak" when you figure out that the home that you fell in love with is out of your financial reach.

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