Heating Repair – Common Problems

For those who are dealing with fridge temperatures, heating repair may be one of the most important things you do without haste. Getting a furnace back up and running is not always something individuals can do. Rather, it is quite common for technicians to come to the facility to handle the underlying cause of the problem. However, it may be possible to do at least some of the repairs on your own.

The Furnace Isn’t Producing Heat

One of the most common reasons to need heating repair occurs when the furnace is no longer producing heat. There are several common causes for this type of problem.

– The thermostat may be set too low or it may no longer be calling for heat from the furnace.

– In some cases, the thermostat may not be working properly, (in which case it may be easier to replace the thermostat on your own.)

– If it is a gas system, the valve that provides fuel to the system may be dislodged or otherwise not open enough to allow for the proper flow.

– The pilot light may be out, for all systems that do not have an electronic ignition system.

– A fuse or circuit breaker may be flipped.

If these are the problems, it may be possible to repair them on your own. Check to ensure the thermostat is functioning and, if it is, the next step is to check fuses and repair any blown. If these steps do not work, or if you feel too nervous or unsure to attempt any fixes of your own, it may be necessary to call on a technician for additional assistance.

It’s Not Warming Enough

In some situations, the furnace may run but it may not provide enough heat for the home. This is often due to obstructed airflow in some area of the system. Usually, replacing a dirty air filter will help. If there is any debris blocking the outside vents, this needs to be cleaned as well. In other cases, the gas burners may need adjustments or cleanings. Have a technician handle those concerns.

It Goes On and Off Frequently

Another problem where you may need heating repair occurs when the furnace comes on and goes off frequently. This is often due to a dirty filter or obstruction. It could also be due to the blower motor not functioning properly. It is a good idea to have a professional look at this concern, too.


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