Hidden Gems in Lafayette

Lafayette, CA is a nice little town, perched on a reservoir that has become tourist attraction. Even though the reservoir is man made, the scenery and wildlife all around is completely natural. Hiking trails ring the lake in the center and visitors can rent paddle boats and swim along the shore. If nature isn’t their cup of tea, the other hidden gems in Lafayette just might be.

Japanese tea is enjoyed in a number of the sushi houses in Lafayette. The Blue Gingko has some of the best sushi and fresh fish in town, and ranks high with both the locals and visitors. (A multitude of other flavors, including Italian, Mexican and Thai are there too!) If you have time before you eat at the Blue Gingko, consider a stroll through Lafayette’s newly updated shopping district with many specialty boutiques. For a little more culture, try the nearest live theater, the Lapin Agile (French for agile rabbit!) or the art galleries that are carefully tucked away but not completely hidden from site. Exploration is key, and only the curious and adventurous will find all the hidden gems in Lafayette, California.

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