Enjoy The Freedoms Of Retirement In A New Home

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Calling all baby boomers! Your retirement comes with real estate changes.

The kids are out of the house, you no longer have a job to regularly report to, you’re free! Retirement offers you the freedom to do as you’d like. You can travel, pick up a new hobby, enjoy doing absolutely nothing, the options are endless when it comes to retirement. These life choices carry over to real estate trends too. Retirees are no longer tied to their residence. Check out how retirement has changed how baby boomers look at their real estate.

Free from responsibility.

Because retirees are free from responsibilities, you don’t have as many factors that limit where they can live. You no longer have to live near a great school or close to work. Should you want to live in a beach town, you can do so. If you want to move to a foreign land, you can do so, or you can stay put. You’ve reached a point in life where you can live wherever you want, and baby boomers are taking full advantage.

Moving on to new places.

Retirees are uprooting and moving to new places. According to a housing study from Harvard University, as of 2015, roughly 4.2 million retirees have changed their residence. Reasons for so many moves are widely varied. While the most popular reason was to move closer to family, reasons ranged from wanting to save a bit of money to new marital statuses.

Expanding living space.

Just because you have an empty nest, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to downsize. If you want more space, don’t compromise. The study reported that 30 percent of the retirees who had relocated moved to a larger home. The added space helps you to accommodate your family when they come to visit.

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