Home Security: Whats Its About?

Home Security means different things to different people. One may think of it as a home alarm system with a monthly fee attached. Others have the idea of bars on the windows and security doors added to outside doors. Your idea may be altogether different.

Whatever, your picture of home security the idea is the same. You want to protect your family and possessions. Most thieves are not interested in you or your family. They want your belongings. The reason they want your belongings is so they can fence or pawn them for the money. Knowing this you can now narrow down what is of most value, to a thief. In other words what can someone steal, from you, that can then be pawned for quick cash? Answer: Jewelry, TV’s, Musical instruments and computer externals (Printer, monitors, external hard drives etc..).

So, how do I protect myself, family and belongings? In other words how do I make my house less of a target? First make it known that your house is being watched. You can install, relatively cheap, decoy security cameras. These are shown to be virtually as effective as a real camera for only a fraction of the cost. Then put security stickers on doors and windows. This adds to the appearance of security. Last add an inexpensive home security system.

Here is what you can do for around $200 dollars. Home Safe Wireless Home Security System. $119.95. This system Add the Window/door stickers: 6 for $2.99. Yes, thieves really do pay attention to what is on your doors and windows. They don’t want any alarms. Outdoor surveillance camera for under $40.00.

In an upcoming article, I give some statistics about home burglaries. I found the statistics not alarming but disappointing. I thought we were better. I hope this has created some food for thought with intentions to improve your current situation. Good intentions are given for a reason. They are meant to be carried out.

I have talked about what home security means and how you can lessen the chances of your home or apartment being the target of a burglary. Nobody wants to be the next victim. So for a minimum investment you can achieve maximum results. (Sorry, that last sentence sounds like a late night promotional TV ad).

May your home and family be safe and in the parade of life may you always walk in front of the elephants.

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