Home Staging Tips – Top 10

When your home is on the market what can you do as the homeowner to make sure your home is showing its best to potential buyers? Here are 10 Make Sure Tips for showing your home.


    • Make sure the path to your front door is clear. This includes shrubbery overhang, toys, or anything obstructing a pleasant walk to the front door.
    • Make sure your front entrance and door are clean, no cobwebs, bugs, or anything unpleasant should be lurking at your door.
    • Make sure all clutter, such as paper, laundry, toys, personal items, etc., is kept off the floor, furniture, and countertops or any such horizontal surface.
    • Make sure floors, carpets, and especially stairs are free and clear of any potential “road blocks” of clutter, pets, boxes, etc.
    • Make sure your home is spotlessly clean. This includes keeping bathrooms and kitchen meticulously clean to the point of it not looking like anyone lives there or uses those rooms. Fresh or guest towels should be out and soiled towels removed. Sinks, showers, and tubs should be immaculate and free of mildew, soap scum, toothpaste, etc. Carpets and floors should be vacuumed and free of dirt, crumbs, stains, etc.
    • Make sure all beds are made.
    • Make sure all storage areas such as closets, basements and garages are neat and tidy. If your things don’t seem to fit well or look messy, a buyer will assume there is not enough storage space in the home for their items.
    • Make sure your home is free of any unpleasant odors such as fish, cooking seasonings or strong smells from a previous meal, pet odors like wet fur, unclean litter pans, garbage that needs removed and cigarette or cigar smoke.
    • Make sure you’ve de-personalized your home by removing personal pictures, religious items, offensive artwork, etc. Buyers become distracted if you have too many personal things for them to look at and actually forget what the home looks like but remember the personal items.
  • Make sure your windows are clean with unobstructed views. Sunlight in a home makes it feel warm and inviting.


Remember, buying a home is an emotional decision as much as a financial decision. Potential buyers need to personally connect with the property and envision themselves living there. When that personal connection is made, potential buyers are more ready and willing to make an offer to purchase the property. By doing your part and taking care of the above 10 Make Sure Tips for showing your home, you give the potential buyers the opportunity to seriously look at and consider your home to see if it appeals to them. First impressions never counted more than when showing your home, so make sure your home doesn’t give the wrong first impression to your potential buyers.

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