Tips To Lower Your Homeowership Expenses

Homeowner Saving Tips

Owning a house is one of the biggest expenses that you will ever take on. From your mortgage payments and taxes, to utility bills and the cost to commute to work, owning a house can easily start to drain your savings if you do not properly plan. Keep these tips in mind to help reduce the cost of owning a house.

  • Plan big – your biggest monthly expense is most likely your mortgage. While you cannot completely get rid of your mortgage until you pay off your house, there are some ways to lower it, including refinancing with a lower interest rate, or reducing the amount of private mortgage insurance you have. Check if you can pay half of your mortgage every two weeks to avoid paying a lump sum each month.
  • Save on utilities – now that you are paying for utilities on your own, you may have flashbacks to your mom telling you to turn off the lights when you leave a room. Along with following her advice, also make sure to keep the thermostat no lower than 68 degrees, and higher than 78 degrees.
  • Save on water – make sure to fix any leaky faucets or toilets, and install low flow showerheads. When doing dishes and laundry, only turn on the dishwasher and washing machine when you have full loads.
  • DIY – learning how to do small projects around your house will help you save the money that you would spend paying a repairman. Learning to sew can also help you save money when it comes to redecorating your house. Yards of fabric that can be turned into everything from curtains to throw pillows is much less expensive than buying a premade item.

For more homeowner tips to help you save on homeownership expenses, contact professional realtor Cary Amo, in Lafayette, California.

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