How to Better Your Listing Photos

Listing photos are crucially important for both listing and selling your home. The highest quality photos are the best tool sellers can use to lure buyers to view the home and hopefully make an offer. Consider these tips when taking photos – they could end up being a make-or-break factor for your transaction.

Removing clutter is the first step. Nobody wants to see pictures of a home filled with your personal junk. Hide stacks of papers, fluff your pillows, and clean your counters. A neat and organized home looks great in photos and can really bring buyers in.

Stay out of the frame. Beware of any reflections that may occur near windows or mirrors. Keep the image clean and make sure that you and your equipment are hidden from view.

Vary your shooting angles. While wide shots can really show off a home’s spaciousness, focus in on some well-chosen areas for added detail as well. It can help paint a different picture for the prospective buyer, providing him or her with a different view than what listing photos usually offer. In addition, try to avoid shooting at downward or upward angles. These types of shots may not always convey what you want them too.

Be mindful of the sun. Shooting into the sun will not produce great shots. The best time to shoot outdoors is in the morning or early evening. You’ll capture the ideal natural light backdrop for your home that way.

Listing photos hold lots of power. They are usually the deciding factor as to whether or not buyers want to visit and tour your home. Put your best foot forward and offer prospective buyers the best visual picture you can offer.

Source: AOL Real Estate



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