How Social Media Can Help You Design Your Home

Pinterest, one of the newest social media faces on the scene, also happens to be one of the easiest, most intuitive to use. This ease of use is complimented by the practical applications of the site.

That last sentence might seem odd on first glance–Pinterest can come across as little more than an online bulletin board to those who haven’t yet explored the many features available. However, there is a wealth of useful, inspiring, and money-saving information available on the site, just waiting to be compiled and utilized by savvy designers looking to create their dream homes.

The Home Decor section is bursting with simple, functional, stylish fixes for everything around the house. From clever ways to organize your spice rack using mop holders to inventive makeovers for box furniture.

Their Architecture board is positively inspiring, and offers lofty concepts that can be easily interpreted into do-able projects for your home. Like this rope lighting inspiration for your garden.

For a true cornucopia of all things DIY, check out the board of the same name and prepare to be amazed by the collective imagination of Pinterest!

Get started making today!

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