How to Deal with Bathroom Problems

Whether it’s just the annoying drip of a leaky tap or the horror of a blocked drain, every homeowner will be forced to deal with a bathroom problem at some point or another. Here are some tips for common bathroom problems:

Blocked Toilets
A blocked toilet can quickly become an extremely messy problem, but luckily there are a few ways to sort out the problem before it builds up. Attaching a mop to a plunger makes it easier to reach all the way into the toilet bowl and a quick backwards and forwards pumping motion should dislodge any shallow blockages.

A cleaning wire is another useful tool for stubborn blockages, or a chemical cleaner can be poured into the bowl to help break down any foreign objects that are preventing waste from flushing away.

Blocked Drains
Most drainage pipes have a curved section near the bottom end, which are liable to trap hair, dust and dirt. When these solid particles meet bathroom products such as shampoo and cleaning products, a mass begins to accumulate that can cause a blocked drain.

A wire coat hanger can sometimes be used to remove a blockage, but a plunger may be needed if the mass isn’t visible. The water supply should be switched off beforehand and the plunger covered with a wet towel to increase its suction. Again, chemical solutions can be applied as a last resort, but homeowners are recommended to protect their eyes against any corrosive back-splash.

Leaking Taps

A dripping tap can be highly irritating, but this bathroom problem can often go ignored for months on end. Homeowners should shut off the water supply and lay old towels around the sink before attempting to tighten the tap with a wrench. If the base of the tap is leaking, a washer may need to be replaced. Leaving corrosion and rust to develop can permanently damage a tap, but it can be easily removed with a steel wool pad if found in time.

Homes in hard water areas are liable to suffer from limescale accumulation in the bathroom. Unfortunately these hard mineral deposits cannot be removed with ordinary bathroom products, but abrasive cleaners can scratch bathroom surfaces and appliances. A natural solution of lemon juice or vinegar is a gentler alternative, while a water softener will help to prevent limescale from building up again once it has been removed.




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