How to Host Your first Super Bowl Party

It’s almost Super bowl Sunday, and for the first time the party’s at your home!

You’re excited to host your first Super bowl party, and you don’t want to disappoint your friends so here are a few tips to assist you with your first Super bowl party.

Tell all your friends-let your friends and family know that this year the party’s at your house. Get them excited about the party by asking them about some of the snacks and drinks they’d like at the party.

Decorate the house for the game-decorate your home with banners and other festive Super bowl party fare including streamers, and plates and utensils that are themed for the big game.

Set up the food and snacks-set up your serving tables with paper tablecloths and place the food and snacks on the table. If you’re serving food that has to be warmed, then set up your hot plates as well and begin to heat those food that require heating.

Set up the drink coolers-stock those drink coolers with ice and the soft drinks and beer before everyone arrives so that the drinks are cold and refreshing.

Set up the viewing area-everyone’s here to watch the big game, so make sure that your friends can see the TV with an unobstructed view so that no one misses the big plays and every call an official makes.

Enjoy the game-well that’s really all there is to it! Now that you done everything else, it’s time to watch the game with your guests and see who wins the game, and hopefully it’s your team.

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