How to Light Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is and always has been the hub of the home. It is the place where family and friends gather to commune together. It is also the room which gets you the most value for your real estate. So once you’ve selected the upgrades in granite countertops, decorative cabinets, ceramic back splash, stainless steel appliances and hardwood floors now it’s time to illuminate those upgrades with your kitchen lighting. And this is the final touch you don’t want to skimp on or do incorrectly. There are many products on the market which provide high quality, mid-priced lighting products for your selection of pendants, mini-pendants, kitchen island lights and under the cabinet lights to suit your style. However, before you start thinking about what style you would like in your new lighting, it’s wiser to first plan out your lighting scheme.

Most lighting designers will tell you that a successful lighting scheme is a decorating approach that will enhance the room in a harmonious way. The scheme is designed to be a three layer approach which includes ambient, task and accent lighting. The ambient layer is the main layer of illumination and provides the most amount of light in all directions. Lighting fixtures that make up the layer include flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, chandeliers, track lighting, ceiling fans, foyer lights and wall sconces.

Task lighting is the second layer in the decorating lighting scheme. As the name implies, the illumination will focus specifically the task is being performed. For example, in your kitchen it could be kitchen island where some kids might do homework or your might prepare food. Pendants, mini-pendants, kitchen island lights, wall lamps and table and floor lamps make up the task lighting category.

Accent lighting is the third layer and is considered the final touch! This placement of lighting can bring attention to your favorite element in the room. Under the cabinet lights fall into this category. What better way to spotlight those new granite countertops? Once you have thought out your decorating lighting scheme, then you’re ready to select what style you would like. And right now the trend setter in kitchen lighting are the PENDANTS, PENDANTS and PENDANTS! The style of the pendant gives a sleek and functional look which is available in many textures, polished chrome, antique brass and chrome. Pendants are so popular they are now a separate category in the lighting industry.

Using the layering schematic to light your kitchen is more costly initially, but will give your kitchen the desired atmosphere you are looking for!

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