How to Sell a Home Faster With Home Staging

There are hundreds of different ways to spend money to make your home look great for that time you’re looking to move on. But really, why pay a home decorator hundreds of dollars for a task you can do easily with just a little work? Home staging is a term realtors use to describe the process of cleaning up a home and making it look nice and appealing for any prospective buyers, but it doesn’t have to be some foreign concept. Its something you can do on your own. This article will teach you how to sell a home faster with home staging.

Simply take a moment and look around, get rid of any clutter in the rooms you want to showcase, maybe completely clear out some others. Have a great chest of drawers or an ornate coffee table you’ve always loved? Well set them out, line them up. Have a bit of fun making your home look like its right out of a magazine. Find a bit of lace at a thrift store, or a old scarf, maybe, and place it over a desk, making a resting place for a lamp. Find a figurine and put it in the corner, make a story out of some of your grandmother’s old heirlooms!

Make your home look like a home. Theme some of your rooms as you organize them up. A living room for rest and relaxation for mom and dad. A family room that’s safe for the kids, pet friendly, with a big old couch to get comfortable on. A master bedroom with pillows galore. Maybe even pick and choose some of your kids’ things to lay out, to make the room look less like a room and more like an inviting atmosphere.

Go one step further, replace the bulbs in your house, make sure everything works well, but keep it from being too bright. Keep the mood low and gentle. Welcoming and not grating. Maybe set a little classical music on the stereo, something calming and sophisticated.

Finally, experiment experiment experiment! Don’t be afraid to move furniture around, play with paintings and vases, flower arrangements. Maybe even invest in a new painting scheme, going with more daring colors to attract the eye, or even more neutral tones to calm the overall look down. Painting two adjacent rooms the same color can sometimes even provide a visual trick to make the rooms look bigger. Always a plus! Just be creative, and don’t be afraid to make some changes, and your home will be selling in no time at all.


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