How Low Inventory Affects Both Buyers and Sellers

The recent plunge in inventory is affecting both buyers and sellers. With the market changing it seems as if the roles are changing as well. Buyer demand has subsided and sellers seem to finally be gaining control of the housing market.

If you have been waiting for the perfect time to sell your home you can finally rejoice! Low inventory means that it’s a seller’s market which means now is the time to sell your home. Sales are up and there is a lot less competition happening amongst sellers.

As inventory lowers, buyers are beginning to fight for homes they want, this puts you as a seller in the driver’s seat. Sellers’ homes are selling a lot faster at the price they want with less of the hassle. Buyer demand is getting lower with the inventory so sellers are now able to skip stressful negotiation and expensive renovations because of the lack of houses for sale.

For buyers, this news about low inventory is not as sunny. Low inventory means a lot fewer choices of homes on the market. If you are searching for a new home you may have to compete to get the housing you need.

A few ways to fight this would be to make sure your realtor tells you about listings as soon as possible. Automated listing searches can help you find houses a lot quicker than waiting for your agent to get back to you with MLS. Talk to your realtor about what strategy you are opting for before entering a competitive environment.

If you are looking to buy in this low inventory market a good realtor is your best defense. Cary Amo of Cary Amo Real Estate has 20 years of experience in Contra Costa County and has the knowledge needed to find you the right home for the right price no matter what. Contact Cary Amo today for more information.

closing costs or buying down interest points
closing costs or buying down interest points
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