Benefits of Buying a Home at the End of the Year

Benefits of Buying a Home Before the New Year

While most people are thinking of their new year’s resolutions, you should be thinking about buying a house. Even though winter is not the busiest real estate season, there are still plenty of houses on the market. There are many benefits of new year home buying, including:

  • Tax savings – if you are able to close on a new house before December 31st, you can deduct the property taxes, mortgage interest, and points on your loan from your taxes. These deductions can be very significant, especially in the first few years of your loan.
  • Motivated sellers – while some people take their homes off of the market during the end of the year, the sellers that keep their home on the market are very motivated to sell, and may even be willing to accept a lower offer.
  • Builder incentives – if you are looking at brand new homes, many builders will offer free upgrades since they want to meet their quota for the year.
  • Available movers – it is much easier to secure movers or rental equipment during the winter since it is not the busy moving season.
  • Consistent payments – once you have a mortgage, you will not have to worry about your landlord raising your rent, since you will be paying the same amount each month if you have a fixed rate loan.
  • Renovating freedom – owning a home means that you have the freedom to make any renovations that you want. You do not have to ask your landlord if you want to paint the walls or change the fixtures in your home.

Contact Cary Amo for all of your real estate needs when buying a house this year. As your Lafayette Realtor, I can help to ensure that you move into the home of your dreams so that you will be able to start the new year off right.

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