Life as a Real Estate Agent: The Importance of Working Hard

Having ethics as a real estate agent is a must, yet it is not something that many agents put stock in. Having an individual that works to ensure his or her client gets the very best service is something buyers appreciate. This often means putting in longer hours trying to close a deal, using excellent negotiation skills to seal the deal and searching high and low for the perfect property for the client.

Buyers need an agent that’s dedicated to ensuring they get the best possible property available to them. As one of the largest financial investments that most people make throughout their lifetime, the work of this agent defines the homeowner’s success and happiness.

At Sotheby’s, Amo works to ensure clients get the individualized attention they need, no matter what it takes. This provides a better service for both the buyer and the seller. It is something that comes from experience and years of working with clients to know what their needs are. In the Lafayette market, Cary Amo has remained a well respected agent for this very reason.

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