McMansions on the Rise?

It was back in 2009, as the recession really took hold, that new home sizes began to get smaller. Over the next two years, home sizes shrank by an average of 6% according to the U.S. Census Bureau. It was then many considered trophy houses or McMansions as they were called, a thing of the past. Well, they appear to be making a comeback with an improving economy.

A new report from the Census Bureau says that in 2012, the average home size in America grew to an average of 2,306 feet. That is up over 8% from 2009 and it sets a new all-time record for square footage. So much for the speculated demise of McMansions.

It would appear many people are looking for sizeable homes that they can grow into. It is in part why these larger homes are seeing more attention from buyers, and more rapidly increasing prices. If you are interested in selling your property, or are looking for a property in the Lafayette, California area, I am Cary Amo of People and Properties Sotheby’s Real Estate. Contact me and let’s talk about you can best take advantage of this current market.

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