More Home Improvement Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Are you interested in selling your home within the next six months? If so, you may want to get the advice of a realtor as to which areas of your home might benefit from some TLC.

As much as we’d like to think our homes are perfect, that anyone would want to live where we do, the reality is that we may no longer notice the dings in the door, the draft in the room, or the scratches in the wood floor. These things are all part of everyday life and can be overlooked by those that spend long periods of time. But to a prospective homeowner taking a tour of a potential house, these types of things can stick out like a sore thumb. A realtor can help you identify areas to spruce up before you bring prospects in to look around.

For example, scratches in the floor or dirty carpets can easily be treated to look close like new. If left alone, they may be highly visible to a prospect and either completely turn them off or be used as ammunition to offer a lower price. For some homeowners, these turn of events are not a concern; they may want to avoid any additional investment of time or money and simply sell the home. Others, however, may want to invest a little and maximize their earnings.

One area which could really be impressive is attic insulation. Particularly if tackled at least a year before an attempted sale, an increase in attic insulation could provide financial peace of mind to a prospective homeowner. If new attic insulation is installed (or a retrofit completed) at least a year in advance, the new homeowner can see a difference in expenditures pre-and post- installation. That’s an opportunity to appeal to their frugal nature, not to mention you would have already tackled a hard job for them.

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