Oct. 19: Hike for Shelter in Contra Costa!

On October 19th, people from all over Contra Costa County will be gathering to partake in the Hike For Shelter.  Banding together with friends and neighbors, residents will be doing good while getting exercise. For people who need more motivation than the health benefits of exercising, this event is the perfect excuse to go for a short hike.  You will see old friends, meet new ones and be helping the shelters in Contra Costa.

Logistical Details

The Hike For Shelter will take place on October 19, at 8:00 a.m.  Hikers are advised to come early, though, to find parking and get ready for the hike.  The hike, itself, will be up Mount Diablo; this is an easy enough hike for anyone to participate in, including young children.

A Neighbor

Although most people think of me as a real estate agent, I, Cary Amo, am also a neighbor and member of the Contra Costa community.  I certainly am happy to answer any questions – contact me today for any real estate needs.  I also enjoy seeing my fellow community members at events that support our community, such as this hike.

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