Older Home: Ways to Appeal to Younger Buyers

Older homes have a lot to offer younger buyers. They tend to be more centrally located and are full of charm. But, they can have a few downsides compared to new construction, as they tend to be smaller and with less storage space. Make the older home you have on offer appeal to the younger set by making a few small changes.

Spruce Up the Kitchen

The kitchen is a major selling point in any home. Make the kitchen of an older home stand out to a younger buyer by installing new appliances and by giving it a fresh, modern look. Install white cabinets to offer contrast to stainless steel appliances, for example. If it’s in the seller’s budget, consider updating the countertops to granite.

Add a New Coat of Paint

A new coat of paint can do wonders for an older house. Choose a color that’s neutral and inviting, such as a welcoming gray or beige. Avoid dramatic colors or bright colors, as the goal is to let a buyer envision him or herself in the home.

Adjust the Floor Plan

While some older homes have an open floor plan, others are divided into lots of tiny rooms, which makes the overall space feel smaller. If you can, try taking down a wall to expand the size of a room. If taking down a wall isn’t possible, arrange the furniture so that visitors to the home can easily navigate the space and to make the house seem larger than it is.

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