Make Your Kitchen Shine With These Tips

Clean Kitchen Tips

Kitchens are one of the main selling points of a house. When you’re having an open house, making sure that your kitchen is shining can help to ensure that your home moves off the market fast. Keep this checklist in mind to help your kitchen look its best when potential buyers come to look at your house.

  • Do not make it hard – the night before the open house, do not cook a large, fragrant meal. Leave the fish dish for another night and consider ordering takeout or going out for dinner. The less work you make for yourself, the better.
  • Clean out your fridge – buyers will open your fridge, there is no way to avoid it. Make sure that you do not have stained shelves or a cluttered fridge that can easily turn off buyers.
  • Clean the floors – a trail or crumbs or sticky floors can be a huge distraction from the rest of the house. Make sure to take your time and get into all the corners of your kitchen with both a broom and a mop.
  • Shine it up – stainless steel appliances can be a great selling point. Use the right cleaning products to make sure that they shine like the day that they were delivered. While it may take a little elbow grease, the payoff will be worth it.
  • Clean the stovetop drip drain – a crusty drip pan in your oven can age your home. If you do not have time to really scrub them, you can buy new ones for just a few dollars.
  • Debug your lights – if your overhead light fixtures are full of dark spots, they are full of dead bugs. Wipe the glass clean and get rid of all of the dead bugs.

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