Patioscaping With Teak Patio Chairs

One of the great joys of having a place you call home is making it your own. And while a lot of home dwellers spend endless hours torturing over color swatches and fabrics for their interior quarters or laboring over the flora and fauna of their landscaping, scant attention is paid to the outdoor entertainment spaces.

Yes, creating the right ambiance and look for a patio, deck or even a balcony can help you extend the useful square footage of your home by taking advantage of the great outdoors. Teak patio chairs, of course, are a great design tool. They can help tie in the overall design and look of your outdoor areas visually, while adding lasting beauty and comfort.

Before you move a stick of furniture outside, however, give the makeover some thought. First, you want the outdoor spaces to mirror the style of your home. This is especially true if your home has large glass windows or sliders that open out to the patio or porch area. You want to create an indoor and outdoor look that is symbiotic visually.

Teak patio chairs can help accomplish this. One of the great things about these chairs is that teak goes with everything. Arguably the best material for outdoor furnishings, the rich color and water resistant nature of teak makes it the ideal material, whether you’re in tropical Florida or Seattle, where there’s a dozen different names for rain.

Another bonus of teak patio chairs: They come in an endless variety. If you have a dining area, you can use teak chairs around the dining table. On the patio, how about some luscious teak chaises to enjoy a decadent day in the sun. Out in the yard, you could go with Adirondacks, classic teak patio chairs that will never go out of style. For occasional use, how about some smaller side chairs or even a bench. All of them go together, regardless of style, thanks to their use of teak as the main material.

Of course, teak patio chairs don’t have to be all teak either these days. Smart designers have begun to mix and match them with other materials, such as brushed aluminum, stainless or even other woods. This adds beauty and style to your outdoor spaces, allowing you to show your own sense of style while still getting top quality furniture that will last and last.

As you know, teak can be a bit pricier than some other furnishings. But as any designer will tell you, you get what you pay for. If money is a concern, then you may want to go with a few signature pieces made of teak initially and then accent them with other furnishings, such as a love seat and sofa in wicker or some bar stools in cast iron or cast aluminum.

That is really one of the best strategies when creating your outdoor paradise. Settle on a few signature pieces first, and then build around them until you have a look that you like and which looks finished.
Build around you main focal point first, such as the outdoor kitchen, BBQ area, breakfast bar, hot tub or pool. Then fill in with smaller pieces, finally adding in tables to accent your teak patio chairs.

Thanks to the wide selection and equally wide availability – particularly online – you don’t have to be in a rush to complete your look. Keep your eye out for pieces that will fit perfectly in your home, ones that exude quality, are from well respected manufacturers and retailers, and which will fit into your vision for what your outdoor entertainment spaces should look like. Most important, choose pieces that match your décor and your own entertainment style, be it picnic casual, summer dinner party formal or anywhere in between.

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