Putting Some Life in the Old Patio

Patios are very resilient and it just takes a little bit of work to spruce up your old patio. Some elbow grease and a few dollars. Don’t let the space go to waste because you’ve let it get run down. Has it become more of a storage area than a place to really enjoy your backyard?

Your patio will get gritty, grimy and dingy over the course of the seasons. Most patios are made with some type of concrete, brick, or stone. These all have crevices that are perfect for catching any bit of dirt that blows their way. All you need to begin is to give the floor a good cleaning.

I don’t recommend hiring anyone for this job. It’s not very difficult for most able-bodied individuals. If you have limited physical abilities, hiring a neighborhood kid or a young relative is an alternative idea. It doesn’t take great skill or take much time.

Two items you’ll need are a good quality broom and a pressure washer. The broom is usually a standard garage item. If you don’t already have one, buy a quality push brush made with synthetic bristles. The pressure washer is another gadget that will come in handy as a home owner. You can find them priced between $100 and $200. If money is tight, renting a pressure washer is another way to approach acquiring the right tools.

Remove all of the furniture and any items sitting on the floor of your patio. Using that bristle brush, give the area a very thorough sweeping. You might have to use a smaller brush for tight areas. Remove all foliage that has found their way through cracks and small openings on your patio. Pull up all the weeds and grass or give them a dousing with Roundup.

Once you’ve freed up the area from loose dirt as best as you can, it’s time to use warm water to clean the surface dirt that is clinging to the porous surface. If you have stubborn stains to contend with, buy a commercial cleaner and use the pressure washer to apply it. Make sure you read the directions and follow them explicitly. You might have to cover adjacent plants to protect them from the cleaner.

If you use a cleaning agent, you will have to rinse the area thoroughly. Then just let the surface dry and you can put your furniture back.

With a little hard work and a small investment, beautifying a patio is easy to accomplish.

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