Real Estate As An Investment: Things Are Looking Up

Although things have been dicey since 2008 for homeowners and sellers, causing strained relationships with banks and lenders, things are looking up. Real estate prices have risen continually since 2010, which follows the general trend of investments and properties regaining their value.

This is good news if you’ve been considering selling your home in Contra Costa County. You’re able to do much better than break even with your housing investment, especially if you’ve put sweat equity into your house to bring it into the 21st century. We expect to see more people purchasing real estate as an investment as property values continue to gain.

However, homeowners should rest assured that when the housing bubble “burst,” it caused less damage than most people thought. Housing has always represented a smaller payoff because it’s a long term investment, and inflation over the years. While lower housing values meant that the average return on a home was just 2%, most people see around a 6% return on their real estate investments. Nevertheless, making a profit is now possible.

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