Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is sleek as well as functional, subtle yet elegant, and affordable but modern. Its low-key illumination gives a dramatic touch to each room of the house. Recessed lighting fixtures are embedded into the ceiling. That’s why you find no switches, dangling cords, lampshades, bulbs or anything that interrupts your view. You just see glowing discs of light directed at an object like a painting, table, or shelf. There are different types of recessed lighting that provide different varieties of lighting depending on their bulbs, housing, and trim.

A complete recessed lighting mechanism comprises several parts. Varying on their combinations, they will produce a light that can be focused and bright, diffuse and soothing, or middle-of-the-road lying between the extremes. The housing or can, the first vital part, is the electrical fixture that positions the light and makes power available to the bulb.

The housing will determine what bulbs you choose – fluorescent, halogen, or incandescent. Fluorescent lights can cut your expenditure; halogens can be acquired in low voltage varieties and incandescent bulbs provide a warm, familiar glow whose brightness can be varied with the help of a dimmer switch.

There are reflectors inside the housing, which are domes that bounce light downward into the room that needs it the most. Diffusers are discs of glass or plastic that change the light in some way. Normally, people install an array of fixtures to meet all the varying requirements of separate areas of a room.

Recessed lighting has another part called the trim. A decorative element, it is the most visible piece of material that lays flat against the ceiling. The trim can be white plastic so that it blends in with the ceiling, or be tinted for a touch of color.

Recessed lighting fixtures come in various forms and can be utilized in a number of imaginative ways. These “secret” agents of illumination can really add drama and sparkle to your house.

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