Reorganizing the Home – What Stays and What Goes

It only took one viewing of the “Hoarders” TV show to get me thinking about how much stuff I have in my house. While one can still walk through the rooms without difficulty, there are times when I wonder if I am dangerously close to the hoarder label myself. As homeowners, we tend to accumulate things over time – household necessities and luxuries, toys that our children eventually outgrow, and even things that become obsolete but have too much sentimental value to give up. If you find your home life has become too cluttered for you to stay comfortable, it’s time to literally clean house.

However you decide to dispose of unneeded or unwanted items – a garage sale, donation to charity, or giving away to family and friends – it’s important to commit to the project once you decide it needs to be done. The longer you wait to clear your home and garage of unused objects, the less likely you are to get rid of them altogether. You might find if you move, you end up taking everything with you to the next place and clogging up those closets! It can prove challenging to sort out the keep and discard piles, but as you create them you may sense your mind becomes uncluttered, too. All you need to do now, of course, is light the fire.

So, what stays and what goes? If you need a bit of help deciding, here are a few simple starts to get the ball rolling.

1) Clothing. Many of us are still hanging on to that favorite pair of jeans that we hope to wear again one day…as soon as we’ve lost ten or twenty pounds. It is good to have some kind of inspiration to guide you toward weight loss, but if you’re holding onto a large, outdated or unwearable wardrobe you should consider letting some of it go. When you do lose the weight, reward yourself with a new outfit to show off.

2) Toys. Toys can be items of sentiment for parents as well as children. We want to hold onto their youth as long as possible, but accumulating too many toys that don’t get played with can lead to a messy room. Be a good judge about age-appropriate toys, and take away what your children have outgrown.

3) Kitchen accessories. When was the last time you used that rice steamer, or the crepe pan? Do you ever plan to use them? If not, there’s no sense in keeping them to take up space in your cupboards.

As you continue to weed away outdated items, you’ll find it becomes easier to do. Giving up stuff doesn’t mean you’ve become heartless, only practical. Much of what you own and give away will prove useful to somebody else, and in turn you can breathe with more space in your home.

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